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Programmes & Classes

We are non-accredited and open to all, offering for 4 semesters of art courses, art classes and workshops for adults and children .all art classes offer a wealth of information on tools, materials and techniques. Art teaches children to communicate with the world using alternative ways, solve problems creatively and encourages personal initiative. We offer the following options of art activities for schools:-

Adult Class

Step-by-step guidance will quickly help you develop skills, and confidence using a variety of art materials.

Kids Classes

In the program, children will develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and communication skills.

Special Events

If you are a corporate or private group who like to explore art together, get into creative thinking exercises and create a work of art jointly or individually, get in touch and we’ll design a workshop for you…( imagine creating a mosaic frame together for the office foyer… a collage for  board room, pottery or painting ). Awesome projects, artsy surroundings, and experienced art instructors make for an amazing experience that you don’t find anywhere else.

School Programmes

Our children school programs are fun and innovative. Children in our art classes expand artistic skills and hence, enhance creativity. Kids will be in for continuous surprises as each lesson is a new art techniques and experience.