Providing  Art, Craft & Design classes tailored to your needs

About Us

The Nairobi Art Centre is  committed to providing Creative, innovative visual art, craft and design education to learners and educators of differing abilities in an inspiring environment. We embrace change and diversity and enjoy working in collaboration with other institutions.

We host children’s parties, adults and amazing corporate team-building fun days.

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Programmes & Classes

Step into a realm where imagination knows no limits and artistic dreams take shape. Our diverse range of programs and classes offers a captivating opportunity to unlock your inner artist, regardless of age or skill level. From painting to pottery, sculpture to photography, we have a dynamic array of courses led by talented instructors who will guide and inspire you on your artistic journey.

Adult Class

Step-by-step guidance will quickly help you develop skills, and confidence using a variety of art materials.

Kids Classes

In the program, children will develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and communication skills.

Special Events

Awesome projects, artsy surroundings, and experienced art instructors make for an amazing experience that you don’t find anywhere else.

School Programmes

Art teaches children to communicate with the world using alternative ways to problems creatively and encourages personal initiative.


Our Blogs

Welcome to our art blog, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination takes flight. Step into a world where colors dance, sculptures breathe life, and canvases speak volumes. Let your curiosity guide you as we embark together on an extraordinary exploration.

Why do you need an art mentor

We have been running beginner adult classes since 2015 and learned about the most common mistakes amateur artists do when they draw

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